Rest In Peace, Ellie Kate

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Hi Team,

You look nice today. Is that a new shirt? Brings our your eyes, truly.

Today’s Love Bomb is a repeat nominee. Understand that we do get a nice amount of nominations each week, and one of the most difficult parts is coming together as a team and choosing this week’s recipient. Also, I visit each and every one of the nominees and leave a comment myself, and add them to my reader so I can keep up.

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from our team member, Lindy nominating Ellie Kate, a baby just over 12 weeks old who was going through a tough time in the hospital. Ellie was extremely sick and doctor’s only have her a few more weeks to live. While deep down we all prayed for a miracle, and doctors would give good prognosis and say she was improving, Ellie Kate passed away on Sunday August 28th.

Matt and April, Ellie’s parents, also lost their first baby, Maddy back in March of 2010.

This family has really been through it. So they’re this week’s Love Bomb mission.

Let’s leave love on this post ( - which was written by Ellie’s daddy, Matt the day before Ellie passed away. He says:

“Ellie is a very special girl…the BEST in her mommy and daddy’s opinion. The doctors may tell us that on the inside of her body her anatomy isn’t right, but she is perfect to us.”

Let’s do this thing right. Because, in my opinion, you guys are the apple of MY eye, and do amazing thing each week.

x’s and o’s and p’s and q’s and i-l-o-v-e-y-o-u’s

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