Lucy and Tracy – More Than Just Sisters

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Happy Day You’ve Been Waiting For All Week, Bombers!

So, remember how we said today’s mission was going to be super special, right?

You may not know this but our loving founder, Nate St. Pierre builds projects such as Love Bomb and then hands them over to other people to drive while he creates more amazing, live changing ideas. Rockstar, right?

And as you probably know, I took over Love Bomb. Nate still sits in the passenger seat though, and so far he hasn’t been too annoying of a passenger driver. That said, Nate also has a project he’s working on right now called Love Drop, (  which is similar to Love Bomb.

Each month members choose a special person / family in need. In addition to lots of love in the form of comments, team members are encouraged to donate money (as little as $1!), services, or any support that they are able to.

This month, the Love Drop and Love Bomb team are doing a little joint mission to help Lucy and her sister Tracy. Lucy has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which affects 3 in every 1 million people. Lucy desperately needs a bone-marrow transplant to live and it’s sometimes a needle in a haystack finding a match.

Guess what? ….Her sister Tracy is a match. 

While there is much celebrating, there is still tons of fear.

Take a second and meet Lucy and Tracy:


Where do we come in?

I’m just going to be honest here, and said that I’m convinced that our team is the best gosh darn comment leaving love team anywhere. I read each and every one of the comments you leave on our Love Bomb recipients each week and they are so amazing.

Nate and his Love Drop team think so too, because they specifically asked if we could rally our troops with some of our loving, caring, heart-felt messages for Lucy.

So, instead of leaving your beautiful comments of support on Lucy’s blog, simply reply to this e-mail with a message of support to Lucy and Tracy.  All of these messages will be printed on pretty paper and delivered to Lucy this weekend when the Love Drop team travels to Kansas to present Lucy with all of her goodies.


One Step Further:

Clearly with all of the medical bills and insurance premiums required, Lucy’s bills are out-of-this-world.  Plus, while she keeps a smile on her fact, there are moments of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. We’ve all been there.The Love Drop team has raised $2695.01 as of this moment. Can the Love Bomb team come on and make that last 304.99 happen? Maybe? (If we all donate $1, I bet we could.)

Head here to make a contribution. You get a specially made “Lucy” bracelet for donations of $25+. (

Can we do it? Yes. We. Can.

Oh, and hey, if you want to get involved with the Love Drop too, (I personally donate $5/month), head on over here:
*Courtsey with a splash of glitter. And Jazz hands. Always Jazz hands*

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